Vision and Mission

Values: We ascribe to the values of the North American Lutheran Church:

  1. Christ-centered,
  2. Mission-driven,
  3. Traditionally-grounded in scripture, and
  4. Congregationally-focused.

Mission Statement:   

Come and See, Come and Grow in F.A.I.T.H.

F – Family (fellowship)

A – Adoration of God (Worship)

I – Inviting (Evangelism)

T – Teaching (Discipleship)

H – Helping (Ministry)

We realize that we all fall short of the Glory of God and need a new beginning.  Jesus offers us a new beginning each and every day!

Below is how we accomplish the purposes of the church:

Purpose 1: Worship:

We will strive to create a worship service with a friendly, welcoming environment and a great deal of joy expressed for our Lord Jesus. We plan to offer a traditional, liturgical worship service because people value its linkages to the past.  When making decisions about our worship services, we will keep in mind ways to make our worship service welcoming to visitors.

Purpose 2: Ministry:

We believe strongly in ministry and helping others.   Our church will always be involved in at least two ministries: One in our local community which will include not only monetary support, but more importantly involvement from church members.  The other will be a ministry outside our local community.  This ministry will preferably be affiliated with the North American Lutheran Church and will be a situation where relationships with the ministry recipients can still be fostered.  Decisions of which ministries to be involved in will be made by the congregation.  We will encourage each member to be involved in some kind of ministry.

Purpose 3: Outreach/Evangelism:     

We believe reaching out to others is important, because the purpose of the church is to win the world for Jesus Christ. We believe that best way to reach out is through personal relationships with our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. We will conduct ministries to help congregational members reach out to others. We also may choose to be involved in community activities that can promote evangelism.  Furthermore, as an NALC mission-driven congregation we will connect with and support one local and one international mission or missionary family.

Purpose 4: Fellowship:

We will endeavor to foster strong relationships by sharing each other’s joys and sorrows, caring for each other’s needs and praying for each other.  We will endeavor to keep our fellowship strong by refraining from gossiping. We will use meals and other inter-generational social activities as a way for us to minister to each other.

Purpose 5: Discipleship Training:

We will conduct activities to help each of us to love Jesus Christ deeper and grow in faith. We will strive to prepare ourselves to be Christ’s disciples to the world by teaching and encouraging each other to seek guidance, strength and wisdom through daily personal prayer & Bible study.  It is our goal that all members be involved in some small group and/or Bible study to grow in faith.