Bible Readings for Sept. 1, 2019

The First Reading is recorded in Proverbs 25:2-10. One of the themes that runs through the reading is a theme of humbleness, of not putting oneself before others. There are warnings if embarrassment if one tries to make more of themselves than they should. All of us have seen people who have done this, and perhaps have even done so ourselves. Let us walk in an attitude of humbleness, always pointing to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Dear Lord Jesus, we are humbled by Your attitude of laying aside Your divine glory, taking on the form of humanity, going the way of the cross and rising for our salvation. Let us always point to You as Lord and Savior. Amen.

The psalm is 131, a psalm that pilgrims to Jerusalem would sing as they made their way to the Temple. Again, notice the theme of humbleness.

Lord God, keep us within Your intent for our lives, not trying to be more than You have made us to be, but always walking as Your disciples. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

The Second Reading continues reading from the book of Hebrews, 13:1-17. Notice again the theme of humbleness, and instruction on ways to walk humbly. The best advice? Let brotherly love continue.

Lord Jesus Christ, in You we see the ultimate in self-giving love. Humble us by Your love for us, and enable us to love others as You have first loved us. Amen.

The Gospel is recorded in Luke 14:1-14. The Pharisees in the Gospel thought they knew more than Jesus, and were constantly watching Him to catch Him in a violation of the Law. He didn’t care, He simply did what people needed, such as healing a man on the Sabbath.

Jesus then turned the tables on the Pharisees, and on all who are full of themselves, showing them in a parable the importance of humbleness.

Jesus, You Who are Lord of all, and through Whom all creation came to be, showed us the heart of God by Your humble service to the man in need, and by chiding those so full of themselves, speaking to set them free of their self-centeredness and to turn to others. May we turn to those around us who are in need, and share Your mercy with them. Amen.

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