Bible readings for June 9, 2019

Genesis 11:1-9. Oh, the hubris of people. The people who settled in the land of Shinar wanted to make a name for themselves instead of honoring the Lord. Well, the Lord is still Lord, and He would not have sinful humans trying to be equal with Himself. God is still sovereign, and He confused the languages of people to show that He is still Lord, not humans.

How often do we humans think we know more than God, that we are wiser than God, that we are better and greater than God? He laughs, and again shows us He is Lord over all.

Lord God, may we always remember that You are Lord over all, including us. May we humbly follow You wherever You lead us. Lead us more and more into Christ. Amen.

Psalm 143. This psalm of David is the reverse of the First Reading; in that Reading the people thought they didn’t need God; they were doing quite well on their own. In this psalm, David acknowledges his total and compete dependence on the Lord. David knows that the Lord is faithful, and only in the Lord is David truly safe. May we also have this faith.

Caring and protective God, keep us in Your safe keeping. Fill us with the faith of David so that we trust You in all things, especially for forgiveness, life, and salvation in Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Acts 2:1-21. This is Luke’s account of the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus on the day of Pentecost. Notice several things in this passage: The Holy Spirit came upon ALL the followers of Jesus; in the Old Testament the Holy Spirit was on an individual, or on a small group; now, after Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is on and in all the followers of Jesus.

Notice also the speaking in tongues. Public speaking in tongues in not an end in itself, but rather a means to proclaim the Lord. Notice the purpose of the followers of Jesus speaking in tongues in vs. 11, “we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.” The result? Over 3,000 became followers of Jesus after they heard Peter’s sermon proclaiming Jesus as the risen Lord and Savior.

Holy Spirit, renew us again with Your mighty wind and flame and empower us to proclaim the mighty works of God, especially the works of redemption in Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

John 14:23-31. Notice the work of the Holy Spirit in this passage: to teach and to bring to our remembrance all that Jesus has said. This brings us peace in the Lord. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts and lives and bring us into the peace only Jesus can give.

Holy Spirit, open our hearts and minds to Your teaching and bring to our remembrance all that Jesus has said because only in Him is life, salvation, and peace. Let us be at peace in Jesus. Amen.

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