Announcements for the week of Jan. 13, 2019

HELP NEEDED As some of you have heard Ramsey is having a bone grafting procedure done on Tuesday Jan 15th. I am needing to see if anyone would be able to help watch Ramsey for a few hours starting on Wednesday the 16th thru Friday the 18th and again on Monday the 21st so that I’m able to go back to work for a few hours. My mom is able to help all days except for Wednesday and Monday. The girls other grandma is able to help with all days except Thursday. This is all depending on the weather for both, as well as my mom having to possible be gone depending on my grandma’s health. I’m wanting to see if someone from church would be willing to watch Ramsey on some of those days so not to have to depend on either one of them for everything. It is up to you on if you would want to come to our house or I could bring her to you. If you have any questions or are able to help out please feel free to call me, Tara Buhrman, at 217-840-8851. Thank you in advance.

B.O.B. ANNOUNCEMENT We have some fun things planned for B.O.B. for winter and spring. On early dismissal day, Jan. 23, John has made arrangements for the group to go to the IMPE building to have lessons for racquetball. Some of the other plans we are making are to go to Soccer Planet, Elevate (the trampoline park) and to a movie. We will also be doing some indoor gardening and some new crafts. We would also like to have another family dinner.

B.O.B. GARDEN The B.O.B. kids are going to start garden flowers and plants for a project this winter. We are looking for a plant light. If you have one you don’t use anymore, consider loaning it to the youth group for their garden starts.

TIME TO UPDATE the picture board out in the Narthex. Please bring in an updated family picture and leave it in the office on the desk for Melissa. If you don’t have an updated picture to bring, see Melissa at church in the next couple weeks to get one taken! Thanks!

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, Jan. 6th was 84 and the offering was $6,459.00.

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