Announcements for the week of May 13, 2018

BLESSED MOTHER’S DAY! As we have opportunity, let us thank our mothers for the blessings they are to us. If our mothers have passed away, let us give thanks for the blessings they have been, and continue to be, through our good memories of them. The Lord bless you on Mother’s Day!

ILLINI FIGHTING HUNGER EVENT In March Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in St. Joseph sponsored an Illini Fighting Hunger event. The goal was to package meals for those who are at risk of hunger. Prince of Peace sponsors this event every other year. We at New Beginnings are considering sponsoring the event on the years Prince of Peace does not package the meals. The event consists of packaging simple meals that are sealed in plastic bags, then given to those who are lacking in food. The meals are easy to cook, requiring only boiling water. What the packaging event consists of is first of all raising money for the food to be packaged. The packaging day includes pouring measured amounts of rice, dried vegetables, soy, and a nutrition fortifier; weighing the package, then heat sealing it. The cost of each meal is about 15 cents. We would like to gauge interest in hosting a meal packaging event. Please sign on the sheet in the narthex. No date has been set, and this sign-up is simply to see if there is enough interest in the congregation to host an event. If we host and event, it would likely be late next February or early next March.

QUARTLY GIVING STATEMENTS are in a basket out in the narthex for you to pick up.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, May 6th was 71. The Offering was $4,736.00

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