Announcements for the week of Feb. 25

LENT IS FAST APPROACHING. This year the NALC congregations in the area will again be doing a Lenten round robin of the pastors. The theme for the Lenten round robin will be: Citizenship Has Its Privileges, and will look at some of the saints and martyrs of the Bible. Plan to come and worship the Lord as we hear about His faithfulness to keep His people in His care, even through persecution and death. This week Rev. Jay Johnson will speak about John the Baptist. The Lord is faithful, come and worship Him! Lenten light suppers are planned for each Wednesday at 5:45 pm. The Lenten services will be at 7:00pm each Wednesday evening. The Wednesday Lenten offerings have been designated to the C-U at Home Homeless Shelter and Water Missions.

C-U AT HOME The local ministry to the homeless, CU at Home, needs help with volunteers to help out at the Phoenix during this cold weather. They have been open every day from 8 am to 8 pm as a warming center during the day after the overnight shelters close. If you can help out, even for an hour, they would appreciate the help. The plan is to stay open throughout the day and evening through Friday, when the temps are supposed to go up. For more information call 217-819-4569 .

SOCIAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE Looking for Social outreach committee members- if you are interested in helping with planning the Candlewood summer lunches, the Walk for Water, Helping Hands or Sunday’s Movie and Lunch dates then join us on the Social Outreach Committee! We are looking for a “few good men and women” that would like to work on these projects. If interested contact Cheryl Heinold or Marilyn Feigl.

MEN’S REPAIR MINISTRY M25:40 The Home Repair Team will have a meeting following the service today. Please contact Rich Gegg or 217-621-4288 with any questions.

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS. Welcome to Don and Melissa Hogan. Melissa and Don recently transferred their membership to our congregation. Welcome to Don and Melissa as we worship and serve the Lord!

LADIES MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR SATURDAY, MARCH 10TH, AND JOIN US FOR SEASIDE ESCAPE! This year’s women’s retreat is SeaSide Escape where women bask in God’s presence. This beach-themed retreat includes Bible study based on the stories of Sarah and Hagar, uplifting worship, a time for Christian service, and relationship-building activities to help us discover the depth of God’s love, strength, and compassion. Registration begin Sunday, January 28th and is $20 for materials, lunch and snacks. For more information or to volunteer to help, email

Eddy Colon, young friend of Chris Walling and Sally Roth, has moved to live with his dad. If you would like to send him a card or letter his address is: Edward Colon, 4714 Main St. #2, Lisle, IL. 60532

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, February 18th was 69.

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