Announcements for the week of Jan 1, 2018

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO NEW BEGINNINGS LUTHERAN CHURCH. The end of the calendar year is today, December 31. Please have your financial contributions given by today so that the financial records for 2017 can be completed. Also, please submit all forms and bills for reimbursement by today. And, feel free to use the envelopes in the pew racks for your offerings. If you give cash, and would like a record for taxes, please fill out the contact information on the envelope.

THE SEASON OF CHRISTMAS WILL CONCLUDE with the Day of Epiphany on January 6th. As we begin Epiphany, we will “degreen” the church after worship today. Please help get the sanctuary ready for Epiphany by helping.

MEN’S REPAIR MINISTRY M25:40 New Beginnings Lutheran Church is developing a Home Repair Team that handles basic repairs and small projects for people in God’s Family who have a need. We can use all levels of skill or come and learn a new one. If you are interested in helping please contact Rich Gegg or
217-621-4288. WE ARE LOOKING FOR “TASKS TO DO”. Please fill out a card and place it in the box in the narthex.

THANK YOU to all of you at New Beginnings Lutheran Church for letting us be with you as a congregation. And thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, cards, and gifts during this Christmas season. May the Lord continue to bless this congregation. Pastor and Kathi Oman

GIVING STATEMENTS The 3rd quarter giving statements are available in the basket in the narthex.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, December 24th was 65 and total offering was 2,442.00. Offering for Christmas Eve Candlelight service was 5,125.00.

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