Bible readings for Dec. 31, 2017

One December 31st we will have a service of Readings and Christmas carols. It is a wonderful service. Plan to attend and hear the word, sing Christmas carols, and receive the Lord’s Supper!

The regular assigned readings are as follows:
The First Reading is recorded in Isaiah 61:10-62:3. Notice the great rejoicing that Isaiah and the people of God have in the Lord because of His salvation of His people; but also notice that the rejoicing is not just for the Israelites, but for all people, including us, because God gives salvation to all. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus we too join in the great rejoicing in what God has done. Let us always give thanks to God for Jesus!
All thanks, honor, glory, and praise be to You for the gift of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Thank You for Your love toward us, and the new life we have in Jesus! Amen.

The Psalm is recorded in Psalm 111:1-10. This is a great psalm of praise for all that God has done. Pay close attention to all that the psalmist lists as reasons to give thanks to God. Let us also give thanks to God for all His blessings, especially His Son Jesus.
Holy Spirit, lead us in giving thanks to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for all of Your blessings, especially redemption in Jesus. Amen.

In the Second Reading, Galatians 4:4-7, the apostle Paul proclaims that God has fulfilled His promises in sending His Son Jesus to redeem us from the judgment of the Law. In Baptism (see Galatians 3:23-29) we are adopted by God through Christ, so we can now proclaim that God is our Father! What a privilege and joy!
Abba, Father, Daddy, Papa: we thank You that You are the perfect parent, loving us even more than we can fully comprehend. Let us always turn to You as a child turns to his/her loving parent. Amen.

The Gospel, Luke 2:22-40, is a post-birth account of Jesus’ life. Notice how the aged Simeon rejoices in God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promises, and that Simeon is now ready to die, rejoicing in God’s salvation. Notice also how the elderly prophetess Anna proclaimed that in Jesus God is working redemption.
Let us join Simeon and Anna in our thanks to God and our proclamation that redemption is in Jesus.
Lord God, we know that in Christ we can come and go in peace, we know that in Christ You redeem sinners. Like Simeon and Anna, let us always rejoice in Your redemption of us through Jesus. Amen.

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