Prayers of the People for Week of Aug. 6

Prayers of the People
August 6, 2017

On this after 9th Sunday after Pentecost, you are invited to join together as one body lifting up prayer for all peoples, the faithful and the faithless. Let us center our minds and open our hearts to you beginning in silence.

Steadfast Father, we praise you for the beauty of the earth, the sea and all creation. You have created all creatures great and small, nature as vast as the redwoods are tall. What joy and refreshment your Earth does provide. Thank you for the nourishing rain and pleasing temperatures this past week. May we all be faithful stewards of this world. Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Steadfast Father, you alone give the peace which passes all human understanding. We ask you for peace within your Church, peace among nations, peace in our homes, and peace in our hearts. Grant that leaders and armies throughout the world might know that peace, and lead their countries in such a way that their people experience your peace. Stir up a desire for brotherhood throughout these United States and the world. Protect and support all Christians throughout the world. We pray for an end to all persecution, violence and bloodshed. Let us all embrace the words of the psalmist that your steadfast love endures forever. Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Steadfast Father, your Son looked upon the crowds who sought him and had compassion on them. Open our hearts to extend compassion to the hungry, the thirsty, the lonely, those who live in despair and all gripped by depression. Where there is hatred, let us sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy. Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Steadfast Father, bless the hearts of the sick, the injured, and most especially the dying, to know your presence in the midst of their trouble. Grant them healing & comfort as you know is needed, as well as, faith and hope that looks to you for life. Bless us, to be a source of comfort to them and to all who suffer including those named aloud, in our hearts and on the prayer chain Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Steadfast Father, you open the heavenly gates and welcome the faithful into eternal union with you. As those remaining on earth grieve the loss of friends or family, we pray they will find comfort in accepting your eternal covenant. May their sadness be tempted. None of us know the time or place but may we all be prepared and confident in one heavenly reunion. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Steadfast Father, thank you for loving us and protecting us. Help us to be bold in our faith and not scared of what others think. May this boldness be a part of each student and teacher returning to school or college in the coming weeks. May they demonstrate behavior that honor’s the example of Christ. We also ask for the care and keeping of those traveling and enjoying these summer months on vacations. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayers.

Steadfast Father, thank you for the hope and renewal that you offer to this world, instill in our hearts and lives. Receive our prayers and grant all that is in accordance with Your will. In the name of all that is holy, Amen.

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