Announcements for Week of April 23

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER OBSERVANCE The National Day of Prayer observance will be held again this year at the village administration building front parking lot for a time of prayer in the morning of Thursday, May 4, at 7 am. Let’s gather as the people of God in Mahomet for prayer.

CLASS WARFARE CONSIDERED AT LIFETREE CAFÉ Societal class equality at home and abroad will be explored at Lifetree Café on Thursday, April 27 at 12:30 p.m. at the Candlewood Pool House. The program, titled “Class Warfare: The Unending Struggle for Equality,” features filmed interviews with three people who have personally seen and experienced India’s caste system. “Westerners can change our destiny,” says Melanie Hutchinson, a U.S. born teacher serving in India. “In the caste system, you can’t. What you are born into is what you are. Your caste determines your job, who you marry, what you eat, and even how you dress.”

PARKING LOT PAVING The Property Committee has recommended that the parking lot be resurfaced this summer at a bid of $30,910, with an authorization of up to $5,000 more for unexpected expenses, total of $35,910, working with Central Paving of Weldon. The congregation must approve this expenditure, so a SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING will be held today following the worship service, to authorize this expense. If the approval is made to resurface the parking lot, a fund-raising campaign will begin on April 23. Targeted contributions will be: to donate a parking space for $750, to donate half a parking space for $375, or whatever someone may want to give toward the resurfacing. The contribution is a donation toward the parking lot, not buying a reserved space. Contributions will be received after April 23, pending congregational approval to resurface the parking lot at the April 23, 2017 special meeting of the congregation.

MOVIE AND LUNCH DATE SIGN UP SHEET The sign-up sheet for the Movie and Lunch date is in the narthex. Please sign up if you will be joining us so we know how many to plan lunch for. Lunch will be a pasta bar with different pastas, sauces, meats, vegetables and garlic bread.

B.O.B. MEETING The last B.O.B. (Better Off Believing) Youth Group meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 26 at 3:30 p.m. An outing to celebrate the end of the year will be held on Wednesday, May 10, which is also an early dismissal day. Stay tuned for more details about the field trip!

QUARTERLY GIVING STATEMENTS are in the basket in the narthex.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, April 16 was 143 and total offering was $3,941.

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