Prayers of the People- Week of Jan. 8

Prayers of the People
January 8, 2017

Heavenly Father, by a star you brought the wise men to where Jesus lay, and by your Word you bring us to where he is to be found today. May we join together focused on your Son who began life in a manager and later gave that life as a sacrifice for our sins. Grant that we may we open our hearts and focus our minds during a moment of silence.

A New Year has come, and already we are busy filling it with hopes and fears, plans and promises, dreams and nightmares, and a million overscheduled moments. Be the Lord of our days and deeds; order them in your peace, according to your will; and give us courage, wisdom, serenity and kindness. We will need them, and you, in this New Year and forever.

Keep this nation under your care; and rule as Savior and Lord over all the peoples of this troubled earth. Give us a measure of peace and goodwill; and help us to treat our neighbors, even the most annoying of them, with the respect and forbearance we desire for ourselves. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

As you guarded the magi from Herod’s malice, we pray that you would protect and bless your Church wherever it suffers from the malice of persecutors or the schemes of self-interested powers. Direct the leaders of this and every nation to do what is just and right in your eyes. Stir up in each of these men and women, the vision to see your purpose and be willing to follow it. We pray for peace with justice for all people in this nation and all troubled parts of the world. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Guide, shield, strengthen, and bless the work of all who risk their lives in service of justice and peace, missions and love, here and abroad. Give them cool heads, wise souls, righteous hearts, and courageous bodies as they deal with violence, suspicion, and persecution. For all those in service around the world bring them back to their loved ones; and use their skills to benefit our communities now, and when their current tasks are done. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Bring the light of Christ to everyone who are suffering in mind, body or soul. Bring peace of mind to those whose minds race with worry or confusion. We lift the named and unnamed, the forgotten and lonely. Give competence, compassion, and patience to everyone charged with their care; and grant health and hope according to your merciful wisdom. Lord in your mercy hear our prayer.

In thanksgiving we remember all those who have supported us in our lives and faith, and who now rest from their labors in your presence. May their earthly families be comforted with the knowledge that in Your kingdom there will be no pain, no illness, no need nor death. When it is our last hour, may we also die in faith and be received into your divine presence. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Father God, we lift up these petitions knowing that You are present in our lives each moment offering to guide and teach us. Thank you for setting us free from the endless speculations of this world. Help us to see that in every part of our lives, You are there to help us. And all God’s children say, Amen.

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