Announcements for the Week of Jan. 8

LEADERSHIP TEAM The Leadership Team for 2017 includes: Jeremy Jessup: President; Conrad Ruppert: Vice President; Lisa Schwarzentraub: Secretary; Carole Tempel: Financial Secretary; Mary Tollakson: Treasurer; Greg Peterson: At Large; Bill Lane: At Large. Thank you for your service to New Beginnings Lutheran as you serve on the Leadership Team. We also thank those who have served and whose terms have expired: Bobbie Schnitkey, Nichole Jessup, and Tresa Hunsinger. They did a tremendous job as the congregation was being established, thanks to them for their leadership and the blessing they have been in their positions on the Leadership Team.

THANK YOU FROM KATHI AND PASTOR OMAN Thank you to all of you from Kathi and Pastor Oman for your thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts, especially during this Christmas season. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, and we give thanks to God for all of you. The Lord bless you.

THANK YOU FROM SALLY ROTH I am just now able to read all the cards and messages sent after Ken’s death. Thank you all for the love and support. This church family is such a blessing to me and our family.

PRAYER CHAIN LIST We at New Beginnings uphold people in prayer. We have a prayer chain list that includes dozens of people, but there may be more that would like to be on the list. If you are not on the New Beginnings Prayer Chain, and would like to be added, please email your email address to either: Lisa Schwarzentraub at or Pastor Oman at We would be happy to add you to the list so that we can pray to the Lord for the needs known to us.

The adoption and implantation of human embryos will be discussed at Lifetree Café on Thursday, Jan. 12 at 12:30 p.m. at the Candlewood Pool House. The program- titled “Playing God: Is Science Going Too Far?”- features a filmed interview with Ron Stoddart, an adoption attorney and embryo adoption advocate. “An embryo is human life at its earliest stage of development,” Stoddart says. “The real question is at what stage does that life deserve and have special protection under the law.” During the program, participants will have the opportunity to discuss whether embryo adoption is a viable adoption choice or a form of playing God.

YOUTH PROGRAM BEGINS JAN. 11 The 2017 youth program will begin on Jan. 11 from 6:15 -7:30 p.m. During the three weeks in January, we will be looking at “How Jesus Loves Us.” Youth will discover how special they are because Jesus loves them so much and how Jesus watches over them to provide comfort and protection. In February we will be sharing the GoFish Guys program “I Believe.” It includes four lessons about Easter with music videos and lessons by the GoFish Guys. Invite your friends to join you for these exciting lessons about Jesus from the GoFish Guys. There will not be any youth program during Lent season.

NBLC MOVIE AND LUNCH January 22 is the date for the first movie and lunch date. The movie that will be shown is “Sully”. You are welcome to invite friends and family to join you for the movie and lunch. If you plan to join us please sign up on the sheet in the narthex and indicate how many will be coming.

KITCHEN CLEANUP On Jan. 31, everything in the refrigerator and freezer will be disposed. If you have anything you want to keep, please remove it before then.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, Jan. 1 was 67 and the offering was $5,057.

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