Prayers of the People- week of September 11th

Prayers of the People- week of September 11, 2016

Let us pray in the name of Jesus to our heavenly Father for the Church, the world, and one another.
Heavenly Father, grant that the Church may faithfully follow the Good Shepherd, your Son Jesus.

Give the church bishops and pastors, leaders in the church as well as lay leaders who rightly proclaim your Word of Law and Gospel; so that there may be harmony, humility, and mutual affection within your flock. And, as Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors so they might feast on his grace and forgiveness, grant that the Church may be a place of gracious welcome, forgiveness, and transformation for every sinner who enters it. LIYM

Grant forgiveness and grace to this congregation. We confess that sometimes we say and do things that are not pleasing to you. Teach us humility; and help us to acknowledge and repent of thoughtless words, self-centered actions, and anything else that may prevent one of your dear children from loving and trusting you.
Bless and direct the work of our sister congregations, companion synods, and national church body, so that they may rightly care for the souls you have entrusted to them. Give a double portion of your Spirit to all missionaries, and prosper their proclamation of the Gospel and works of Christ like charity. LIYM

Save the lives of your servants who are persecuted on account of their faith in your dear Son. Convict with your strong word of Law all evildoers and enemies of the Gospel. Soften their hearts and turn them towards you in repentance, humility, and faith. LIYM

On this 15th anniversary of the terrible events of 9/11, our nation continues to struggle with enemies within and beyond its borders; with discord, suspicion and violence; and with a political campaign that sometimes threatens to bring out the worst rather than the best in us. Shepherd us through these troubled times. Bring healing to our hearts, homes, and communities. Anoint our eyes to see one another as fellow citizens and as beloved children of the same heavenly Father. And bring a measure of your peace to this weary world. LIYM

In solemn remembrance, we lift before you and remember all who died in the twin towers, at the Pentagon, and in a jet flying over a peaceful field in Pennsylvania. We give thanks for everyone who helped bring people out of deadly danger. We honor all who helped with the massive cleanup, rebuilding, and memorials. We ask your continual strength for all who were wounded or bereaved. And we pray that you would always use the strength and courage of first responders and those in the military to protect the weak; to defend freedom and justice; and to establish safety in the midst of the world’s chaotic brokenness. LIYM

Be merciful to all who are hurting, weak, abused, hungry, or grieving; or who in any way need the abundance of your grace.: Be their Good Shepherd, and bring them healing and hope. Help us all to be gentle, gracious, compassionate and kind to them, so that together, we may praise your goodness. Lord we lift the following to you:

Dear heavenly Father, we entrust into the care of Jesus our Good Shepherd, all our beloved dead, especially. Comfort all who mourn; and fill us with your Holy Spirit’s wisdom and grace. Teach us to love each other tenderly and care for one another diligently; and keep us ever in Christ’s care. Of your goodness, grant that he should heal us from every sin and infirmity, and lead us into your Kingdom; so that as one flock we may praise, adore, and glorify our Good Shepherd forever.

In the power of the Holy Spirit, we entrust our prayers and petitions into your hands, gracious Father, for the sake of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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