Announcements for the week of July 31

MEN’S MONTHLY LUNCH will be postponed one week, until Monday, August 8th.

THE NEW CHURCH BELL AND BELL TOWER. The bell has been given to the glory of God by Doug and Pat Bosworth. Thank you to them! And thank you to Kevin Hunsinger, who designed and oversaw the construction and placement of the bell tower. And thank you to all who helped build and place the bell tower. Many people had a hand in this addition to the building. Thanks to all, and special thanks to the Lord for His blessings to us. May the bell be a reminder of God’s blessings and a call to worship. Thanks be to God!

GANG VIOLENCE SOLUTIONS EXPLORED AT LIFETREE CAFÉ Solutions to gang violence and hope for gang members will be explored at Lifetree Café on Wednesday at 7:00pm in the café and Thursday at 12:30pm in the Pool House at Candlewood. The program, titled “Hope for Gangs: Surprising Stories from the Bloods and Crips,” features exclusive filmed interviews with several former gang members who share their past experiences and how they escaped the dangerous lifestyle. “I was very involved in sports growing up, but when I moved to a new street, it all changed,” one of the former gang members says. “I saw all these kids running around, and it was something I wanted to be a part of. Everything became very hateful toward my rivals, and it was just the thing to do.”

Everything goes so much smoother and easier when you have good help! And that is exactly what happened at Candlewood, the Helping Hands collection and distribution days, and at Vacation Bible School this summer. The Candlewood lunches went very smoothly thanks to Marilyn Feigl’s organizational skills and planning and the help of everyone that either prepared food or help serve it. All enjoyed the meals and the time shared together.

Those who came to help at the Helping Hands distribution saw what a busy morning it was and how much everyone that came appreciated the items they received. We will continue to collect food and clothing items for Helping Hands. There will be a need for fall and winter clothing soon.

The VBS volunteers were all awesome and made it a fun week of movies, crafts and games for the kids that came. It was a great time of sharing with the young people of our congregation and their friends. The leaders for the adult group brought great perspective to the movies they viewed. The ladies that made sure everyone had their “movie” snacks did a good job keeping up with the hungry groups.

Thanks to everyone that donated food or other items for these three outreach activities.

UPCOMING EVENTS WITH SOC August 27- Sangamon River Music Festival Parade and Booth. Social Outreach Committee is using the opportunity to make our community and surrounding area aware of the need for clean water supplies in third world countries. Our Walk for Water is being planned for September and we want to provide information and encourage participation by individuals or teams to not only raise money for this project but to increase awareness of this important need. Sign-up sheets will be in the narthex for both the River Festival as well as the Walk for Water.

A Mission trip is being planned for summer 2017. SOC will also have a bake sale during the River Festival to start raising money to help support members of our congregation that want to be part of this wonderful outreach opportunity. We will also have a sign-up sheet and packaging information required by the CCPHD in the narthex for baked items.

Help will be needed to prepare a “float” for the parade and be in the parade, set-up a booth and work in it, and help with the bake sale. These important outreach projects are an opportunity for everyone in our congregation to share of their time and talents to help others in need in our congregation, community and the world.

There is also a special event coming up in October for the congregation. Watch for more information in the future.

WE WILL BE STARTING A ROOTS OF OUR FAITH CLASS– if you are considering joining New Beginnings, or would like to learn more about the Lutheran Church, please contact Pastor Oman

To New Beginnings Lutheran Church,
Many thanks to the members of your church who volunteered for the July donation and giveaway Saturdays at the Mahomet Helping Hands Center. Thank you also for the support you give throughout the year. Your generosity and compassion toward those in need in our community are very much appreciated.
Sincerely, Mahomet Helping Hands

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, July 24th was 78 and total offering was $3,653.00.

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