Announcements for the week of July 17

STEEPLE Progress is being made on the new steeple. The plan is to set the bell and new steeple on Wednesday, July 27th. Time has not been determined. Thanks to all who have a part in the new bell and steeple.

GIFT BOX FOR KEEGAN WISEHART IN AFGHANISTAN Keegan Wisehart and his company currently deployed in Afghanistan received the care package that was sent out to them and wanted to extend their thanks and appreciation for all the items, effort and prayers that went into the package!

LIFETREE CAFÉ EXPLORES CHILD SEX SLAVERY—IN AMERICA America’s growing child sex slavery problem will be explored at Lifetree Café on Wednesday at 7:00pm in the café and Thursday at 12:30pm in the Pool House at Candlewood. The program, titled “Child Sex Slaves: America’s Disturbing Secret,” features a filmed interview Pat McCalla, associate director of the documentary Branded, a film educating viewers about child exploitation in North America. “Child sex slavery has always been around, but it’s really exploding in our country right now,” McCalla says. “The average age of these children is 13 years old. That’s the average, which means there are kids who are even younger.” During the program, participants will learn how the growing child sex industry seduces children into the sex trade…the devastating results…and how to encourage children to stay safe.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL FAMILY VBS is coming- Our FAMILY MOVIE vacation bible school starts tomorrow-July 18. We still need help with all 3 groups, crafts, activities and snacks, also donations for snacks and crafts. See the sign-up sheets in the narthex.
VBS is a FAMILY affair this year…preschool-2nd grade will be watching Veggie Tales; 3rd-8th grade will watch “Evan Almighty,” “Joseph-King of Dreams,” “Young Messiah” and “Jesus, He Lived Among Us;” High School and Adults will be able to see “Young Messiah,” “Evan Almighty,” “Risen” and a Lifetree Cafe’ presentation. Please check the list of final movie picks posted on the doors. Come and bring your whole family and friends for four nights of Christian movies with crafts and activities for youth, and movie snacks for all. If you are available to help contact Cheryl Heinold.

THE 2016 CONVOCATION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, entitled HOLY GOD HOLY LIVES will be Wednesday, August 10th – Friday August 12 in Anaheim, CA. We are entitled to one voting delegate. If you would like to attend the convocation, either as a delegate or a visitor, please contact Pastor Oman.

QUARTERLY OFFERING STATEMENTS The second quarter offering statements are available for pick up! They are in the wicker basket on the table in the Narthex.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, July 10th was 80 and total offering was $1,738.

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