Announcements for June 19

THE BENEFITS AND CONSEQUENCES OF HONESTY DISCUSSED AT LIFETREE CAFÉ Whether honesty really is the best policy will be examined at Lifetree Café on Wednesday at 7:00pm in the café and Thursday at 12:30pm in the Pool House at Candlewood. The program, titled “Tell Me the Real Story: The Amazing Power of Honesty,” features conversations surrounding whether telling the truth is best in all circumstances. “There are times it’s obvious you should tell the truth,” said Lifetree Café national director, Craig Cable. “But in other situations, there seems to be some gray area. In this Lifetree program, participants will discuss when confessing the truth is best, and when it might not be—especially in relationships.” During the program, Lifetree participants will be given the opportunity to share experiences of when honesty, or a lack of it, has impacted their lives.

THE SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM AT CANDLEWOOD will be held this week- June 20-24 from 11am-1pm. If you signed up to volunteer or bake cookies or brownies, thank you in advance for your help and the list is still located out in the narthex if you need to double check on your volunteer day. Please contact Marilyn Feigl if you have any questions.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL VBS will be July 18-21 from 6pm-8:15pm. This year we are offering VBS for preschool thru adults. There will be 4 nights of Christian movies for 3 age groups- preschool thru 2nd grade, 3rd thru 8th grade and high school thru adults. Movies will include – Veggie tales, Luther, Facing the Giants, Evan Almighty and others. There will be “movie type” snacks and drinks. We will need a few volunteers to help with each school age group and facilitators for the high school/adult movies; and to make and check on the snacks for each group, and activities for the preschool thru 8th grade classes. Please look for the sign up sheet for volunteers for VBS in the narthex. We hope everyone will be excited about our VBS this summer and plan to attend. If you are available to help contact Cheryl Heinold.

THE 2016 CONVOCATION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, entitled HOLY GOD HOLY LIVES will be Wednesday, August 10th – Friday August 12 in Anaheim, CA. We are entitled to one voting delegate. If you would like to attend the convocation, either as a delegate or a visitor, please contact Pastor Oman.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, June 12th was 88 and total offering was $6,625.00.

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