Bible Readings for June 12

read_7210cnBible reading for June 12

2 Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-14. This is the account of the aftermath of the adultery of David and Bathsheba, and the arranged murder of Bathsheba’s husband to cover their sin. The Lord sent the prophet Nathan to king David to confront him about his sins. Instead of directly confronting David, Nathan told a story asking for the king’s judgment on the incident. David reacted with anger at the heartless man in the story; but, in so doing, he brought judgment on himself. Notice that David did then confess his sin, and he was forgiven by the Lord, but the sin had ramifications in this life that dogged David for the rest of his life.

In Christ we are forgiven by God. Let us daily repent of sin and receive His forgiveness.

Lord God, we see again our sinfulness. As sin shows itself in our lives, lead us back to You in repentance, knowing that in Jesus we are forgiven. Heal the consequences of our sinfulness as we are reconciled to You and to each other through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Amen.

Psalm 32:1-7. This is another of David’s psalm dealing with sin and forgiveness (see Psalm 51 for David’s psalm of repentance after he was confronted by the prophet Nathan). Notice that David begins with praise for the forgiveness he has received from the Lord. Notice also that David recounted what happend to him when he held his sin, refusing to repent: the sin ate away at him until he confessed to God. Have you have a similar experience, where unconfessed sin weighed heavily and drained you? Then note what happend when David finally confessed – the joy of forgiveness! And the Lord was again David’s refuge.

May we also seek the Lord in repentance and receive the freedom of forgiveness in Christ.

Lord God, let Your Holy Spirit work in our hearts and lives to show us our sinfulness and need of a Savior. Lead us to repentance each day, and let us rejoice in the forgiveness we have in Jesus. Amen.

Galatians 2:15-21; 3:10-14:  The Second Reading is a continuation of reading through parts of Galatians. Notice the importance of faith in this passage! We are justified by faith, not by keeping the Law, not by doing good things or refraining from sin (but this is not license to sin). The wonder of God’s grace, justifying us by faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, not by the works of the Law, which because of sin we could not accomplish. God is gracious and loving. Let us trust in Jesus for justification and redemption.

Lord Jesus Christ, all thanks and praise to You for giving Yourself for us on the cross and being the means of our justification before God. Only through You is redemption. Only in You is life. Let us ever trust in You as Lord and Savior. Amen.

Luke 7:36-8:3: Again we see a sinful person, a woman of the city, who is called a sinner. Notice the two reactions to her: the Pharisee judged her and Jesus; Jesus forgave her. How do we respond to sinners in our midst? How do we want Jesus to respond to us who are still sinners? Let us see ourselves and others as those who are desperately in need of Jesus, who need the forgiveness He alone can give.

Notice how Jesus responded to the Pharisee: instead of scolding him, Jesus told a story, asking who would love more. In his answer, the Pharisee, like David in the First Reading, brought the judgment upon himself. Let us not be Pharisees.

Lord Jesus, we are so grateful that You forgave the sinful woman because this account tells us that we also can be forgiven by You. As we see Your love for us in forgiving us, increase our love for You and for those around us, forgiving them as You forgive us. Increase in us love and forgiveness. Amen.

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