Prayers of the People — May 29

By the power of the Holy Spirit, let us pray to God our Father in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord, making intercession for the Church, the world, and for all people according to their need.

Grant that this congregation may be your holy Temple, filled with your most Holy Spirit, beauty, love, forgiveness and blessing. Make it a sign of your saving love for all people. Make it a sanctuary for all people, especially those burdened by sorrow, sin, doubt or despair. Gladden the hearts of all who gather here, and let your love shine through all our words and deeds. Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on this setting here at New Beginnings. You know how and why this congregation came into being. You have provided for all our needs and continue to bless us. We truly thank you.

Be the strong Rock and sure help of your servants who suffer on account of the name of Jesus. Give them courage, gentleness, and steadfast faith, even when severely provoked. By their witness, humble the hearts of their persecutors. Use our prayers and acts of charity to bring many enemies of the Gospel to repentant faith in Christ.

Bless this nation with the great gifts of peace, justice, and integrity. Teach us, and the people of all nations, to seek and to do your will, so that the hungry may eat their fill and the war-torn and dispossessed may live in safety. And grant that all who seek honest labor may contribute to the well-being of their family and community. May we have a president and governing body that will honor you, seek your wisdom, and act in ways that are honorable to you and to your precious word.

We pray for all students as they end their academic year; and especially for those who are graduating and preparing to enter a new phase of learning, employment, or service. Give to them, as you gave your servant Solomon, a love of wisdom; and help them to use their gifts and talents to your glory and for the betterment of your people. We esp. pray for our graduates from this our church family. May they know how we treasure each and every one of them. Bless and keep them in your loving care always.

Bless those in the military, especially Keegan Wisehart and all who are in service to aid and protect all that are in need. Help them to exercise authority rightly; to use power justly; and to know that they stand under your authority at all times. Keep them safe; heal them when they are wounded; bring them home swiftly; and bless their loved ones.

Hear, we beseech you, our prayers on behalf of those who suffer in body, mind, heart, or soul. Bring them healing and hope; restore them to fellowship with all who love them; and fill them with the joy and comfort of your constant presence.

Most gracious Father, we thank you for the lives of our loved ones that now rest in you. We entrust them into your eternal care. When we grieve their absence from us, give us the blessed assurance that they have entered the sanctuary of your glorious and gracious presence. And give to us such confident faith that we may continue our earthly pilgrimage with peaceful hearts and with joyous anticipation of that day when we shall be reunited with them; and shall, with all whom you have redeemed, adore and praise you forever. In Jesus most holy name we pray.

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