Announcements Distributed at March 6 Service

Picture1WE REJOICE WITH ZACHARY, WYATT, GABRIEL, AND HADLEIGH YOUNGBLOOD, AND WITH KELLY; Zach, Wyatt, Gabe, and Hadleigh were Baptized into Christ last Sunday afternoon, with Kelly as their sponsor. Welcome to the Lord’s family! May Zach, Kelly, Wyatt, Gabe, and Hadleigh grow in the grace of God!

WE REJOICE WITH ROBERT GRANT, WHO IS BAPTIZED TODAY. Robert’s sponsor is Rose Grant. Welcome to the Lord’s family! May Robert grow in the grace of God!

WEDNESDAY EVENING LENTEN SERVICES CONTINUE. This year’s theme will be the Lord’s Prayer, and we will have another round robin with area NALC pastors. The Lenten services will be at 6:30 pm. Join us for a potluck supper at 5:45.

YOUTH 4TH GRADE THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL: Bible camp is happening this summer! There are great opportunities to be with youth your age in a great Christian community! Camp CILCA, near Springfield, has fantastic plans for the summer! Plan on attending Bible camp this summer, you will have exciting experiences! We will have an informational today, Sunday, March 6th, after worship. If you cannot attend the meeting, but are interested in Bible camp, contact Pastor Oman.

DÉJÀ VU, REINCARNATION, AND PAST-LIFE THERAPY WILL BE EXPLORED AT LIFETREE CAFÉ on Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the café and Thursday at 1:30 pm in the Pool House at Candlewood.

The program—titled “Reincarnation: Have You Been Here Before?”—features filmed interviews with people describing past life experiences as well as religion experts who share views about the afterlife.

“I felt I’d been places before,” one interviewee says. “I moved to London when I was 22 years old. I’d never been there before, but knew exactly where to go, even though I didn’t have a map with me. I knew all of the shortcuts to get places.”
NOISY CAN OFFERING: Thank you everyone that donated in the noisy can offering.  We collected $312 to send to Prince of Peace for their Illini Fighting Hunger program.

CROCK POT MEALS – SOC committee has prepared 2 frozen crock pot meals – Creamy Italian Chicken and Taco Soup.  The bagged meals are for anyone in the congregation to pick up and use for themselves or for a friend.  If you have a family member or a friend that is sick, having surgery, are new parents, have had a loss or are just having a rough or busy week and you think they would appreciate a home cooked meal,  that’s what the meals are for.   We made 5 of each meal and put them in the big refrigerator freezer in the kitchen, directions are on the bags.  Please feel free to take one, even if you just want to try it. When the supply gets low we plan to make more.

CARE PACKAGE TO AFGHANISTAN – SOC committee wants to support Keegan Wisehart and his company currently deployed in Afghanistan by sending a care package.  Please bring hard candy (no chocolate), gum, nuts, chapstick, hand lotion, sunscreen, small packages of Kleenex, crossword or word hunt books, small notebooks, and short novels or inspirational books.  We will mail this when we have a good collection gathered.  Most of these things can be picked up at the dollar store.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, February 28th was 118 and total offering was $2,980.00 and the Lenten offering was $448.00.

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