Bible Readings for January 3


downloadI Kings 3: 4-15: The First Reading for today in a familiar passage from the story of king Solomon, the third king of Israel and the son of king David. What a wonderful passage! It begins with an offer by the LORD to Solomon to give Solomon whatever he asked. If the Lord made such an offer to you, what would you ask for?

Notice that Solomon began his response in praise to the Lord for His steadfast love toward his father David. Notice also vs. 8 where Solomon recounts that the people of Israel are a great people, too many to be counted; this is a proclamation that the Lord has fulfilled His promise to Abraham and his descendents, that they would be innumerable. Then Solomon makes his request to the Lord: when faced with asking anything of the Lord, Solomon asks for wisdom to lead the Lord’s people. What a wonderful request! May we also ask for the Lord to lead us.

Notice the warning at the end of the reading: the Lord told Solomon that if he followed the ways of the Lord, then the Lord would give him a long life. As you might remember, Solomon didn’t heed the warning of the Lord, instead he was led astray by his foreign, unbelieving wives.

Psalm 119:97-104:  Psalm 119 is part of the longest chapter in the Bible. It is a psalm that rejoices in the wonderful gift of God’s Word. Let us love the word of God as much as the psalmist. Read the passage slowly, let the love of God’s word sink deeply into your life.

Ephesians 1:3-14:  Today’s Second Reading is a little difficult to wade through; as you read in keep in mind that it is one, long sentence in Greek. One suggestion as how to get a handle on the passage is to underline all the things God does for us in Christ. Underline all the verbs. Notice how much God does for us. Our response? Praise!

Luke 2:40-52:  The Gospel for today is the only account we have of Jesus as a youth. Notice the first and last verses of the reading: both talk about Jesus increasing in wisdom, God’s favor, and stature.

In the account Jesus and His parents were in Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When it was time to go home, his parents set out with the group of friends and relatives to go home. His parents assumed that Jesus was in the group. That first evening He was not, He was no where to be found. They hurried back to Jerusalem and began to look for Him everywhere. Imagine how frantic they must have been as one day turned into the next, and they could not find Him! Finally they went to the Temple – in desperation to seek the help of the Lord, or a hunch, or no where else to look for Him? To their great surprise, there He was, talking to the teachers, asking questions, and amazing them with His answers. His parents were relieved, and, like all parents, scolded Him. Notice His answer – why did they look all over for Him, didn’t they understand that He would be in His Father’s house, the Temple? May people find us in the Father’s house.

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