Announcements — August 30, 2015

Untitled1TONIGHT WILL BE THE LAST SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP UNTIL NEXT SUMMER. We hope Sunday evening worship has been a blessing.

TODAY WE DEDICATE THE NEW CROSS IN THE CHANCEL. Thank you to those who made it and installed it (they wish to be anonymous). May the cross remind us of God’s love for us and the lengths that God will go to to redeem us. May we be filled with His love for others, and share His love with others so that they can be drawn to Him in faith.

THE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON BIBLE STUDY WILL RESUME ON WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 2ND, AT 12:30. This is a great time to start coming to the Bible study as we will be deciding on the book of the Bible we want to study. Plan to come! We will meet in the upstairs study room.

THERE HAS BEEN INTEREST EXPRESSED IN THE ROOTS OF OUR FAITH STUDY BEING OFFERED AGAIN. If you would like to learn more about the Lutheran faith, or would like a refresher course in the teachings and beliefs of the Lutheran church, please let Pastor Oman know so that a class can be arranged for.

FINDING TIME FOR A GROUP BIBLE STUDY DURING THE DAY OR IN THE EVENING IS DIFFICULT FOR MANY PEOPLE. Is there interest in an early morning Bible study, perhaps meeting before the work day begins? If so, please let Pastor Oman know of your interest.

EXPOSING ABUSE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT LIFETREE CAFÉ WEDNESDAY AT 6:30 p.m. The program, titled “Blowing the Whistle on Abuse: One Courageous Teenage Girl Tells Her Story,” includes a film of a young woman who was abused by her father for 11 years.

“My dad started sexually abusing me when I was 5. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it felt wrong because he told me not to tell Mom. I felt trapped,” says the young woman, who chose at 16 to finally tell her story.

Participants will also get a glimpse into the price she paid for going public as well as the freedom she experienced when the abuse ended.

WALK TO BETHLEHEM: Walk to Bethlehem update – After stopping in the Azores for lunch, we have arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. We will be crossing Spain to Barcelona. Our next lunch stop will be on August 31 so stop in for some foods from the region of the world we are in.
Cheryl & Jim Heinold

HELPING HANDS FOOD DRIVE – WE ARE COLLECTING NON-PERISHABLE FOOD items for Helping Hands. When we helped last month we noticed that the shelves were pretty bare. I have placed a box under the coatrack in the hall to put canned goods or boxed items in. I will take these items to Helping Hands in September for distribution.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, August 23rd was 85 and total offering was $1,591.00.

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