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unnamedWhat Makes Relationships Tick?

The science of love


Demystifying Romance Explored at Lifetree Café

How scientific findings can help create and sustain more satisfying relationships will be discussed at Lifetree Café.

The program, titled “What Makes Relationships Tick?: The Science of Love” includes a filmed interview with Ty Tashiro, the author of “The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love.”

“Butterflies in the stomach come with stress hormones like cortisol, that are toxic if released over a period of time, and a pounding heart is really high blood pressure,” says Tashiro, who says the extreme emotional high of love can actually be fatal if experienced for too long. “It lasts about two years,” says Tashiro, “but it can come back throughout a relationship.”

Participants in any relationship status will find hope and help for having great relationships.

When: 6:30 pm on May 6

Where:  Lifetree Cafe

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