Lifetree Cafe — How to be True to Your Faith

01.main_true_faith.bk.4-25-14How to Be True to Your Faith (Without Being a Jerk)

Confessions of a religious ethicist



Religious Discussions Explored at Lifetree Café

How to live out faith without being a jerk will be discussed at Lifetree Café.

The program, titled “How to Be True to Your Faith (Without Being a Jerk): Confessions of a Religious Ethicist,” features an interview with religious ethicist Jacob Robinson.

“I started to learn that instead of correcting people, I needed to learn how to listen. Before I had always listened to correct; I didn’t listen to care,” says Robinson.

Participants will gain practical skills for having religious conversations in a way that engages people instead of pushing them away.

When:  7:00 pm, Sunday, March 29

Where: Cafe at New Beginnings

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