Announcements — Week of March 15

cross_8073c The following announcements were distributed at the March 15th service.

LIFETREE CAFÉ TONIGHT: Tonight’s program, titled “Only One Way to God? Can One Religion Really Have All the Answers?” features the filmed story of Valerie Winn, an American whose spiritual journey led her to a Chinese village where she encountered an underground church. Winn describes her encounters with various religions and how they shaped her. “I finally said, ‘God, would you just show me if you’re real?'” says Winn.

THE SUNDAY MORNING CLASS IS STUDYING THE GOSPEL OF JOHN. We have learned much about Jesus during this study, not the least of which is His great love for us, love we will see in its fullness as He willingly goes to the cross to redeem us. We always review, so feel free to join the class at any time. We meet upstairs.

FEARLESS CONVERSATION ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETS AT 8:45 IN THE CAFÉ. Join us next we as we discuss “How do I handle betrayal?”

THE WEDNESDAY 12:30 PM BIBLE STUDY/THE BOOK OF ROMANS This is a great time to join the study! Come with ideas and a desire to learn more about the Lord and to grow in faith!

AMPED (Active Ministry Producing Energized Disciples) MEETS WEDNESDAYS FROM 5:45-7:30 PM. For Lent, the meals will be organized potluck style with a sign-up sheet in the kitchen. The AMPED evening begins with an inter-generational meal at 5:45 followed the 6:30 Lenten Service. Only the preschoolers-1st grade group will continue to have class during the Lenten Services.

OUR LENTEN SERIES CONTINUES THIS WEEK with the theme of The Breastplate of Righteousness. This Wednesday evening a light supper will be served at 5:45, with worship at 6:30. This week Rev. James Lehmann will be here. Come and be strengthened by the armor that God gives to us!

March 18: Rev. James Lehmann – The Breastplate of Righteousness
March 25: Rev. Cindy Bisser – Prayer
April 2: Maundy Thursday – The Shield of Faith

LENTEN MEALS: There is a sign-up sheet in the church kitchen for the meals before the Lenten services. This week’s meal is a baked potato bar.
The following is the schedule for the meals:
March 18 – breakfast for dinner
March 25 – taco bar

ARMOR OF GOD: More Armor of God pins are available in the back of the sanctuary and in the narthex, under the Armor of God poster. Feel free to take and wear them, and share them with friends.

THOSE WHACKY METHODISTS ARE UP TO IT AGAIN! They’re having a Wild Game Fest on March 14 from 5:30 – 7:30 at the Methodist Church. Tickets are $10.00. It’s a buffet style thing, all you can eat. Menu depends on what anyone brings. Usually venison, elk, moose, bass, walleye, muskie, bluegill, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel. They had some bear and caribou there last year too. I didn’t like the bear so much but believe it or not raccoon is actually kind of tasty. Contact Lee Jessup at 493-7991 for tickets.

RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE: We are having a Red Cross Blood Drive at our church on Monday, April 13. The Social Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers to help prior to and the day of the blood drive. We are making a commitment to help seriously ill or injured people. Every donation may help save up to three lives. If you can’t help then take time to be a blood donor. Contact Social Outreach Committee for more information on volunteering.

WALKING TO BETHLEHEM: Coming soon to your favorite church…Walk to Bethlehem. Watch for details.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, March 8th was 88 and total offering was $3,995.00.

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