Announcements — April 27, 2014

easter butterflyThe following announcements were distributed during the April 7th service.

We are glad you are worshiping with us today. Restrooms are located on the left side of the hallway and a nursery for children under 5 is located on the right side of the hall.

COMMUNION: The center section of each Communion tray has two types of glasses. There are glasses with white grape juice, and also glasses with a lesser amount of wine. Please feel free to take which ever will best meet your needs. The communion bread is gluten-free.


BIBLE STUDY WEDNESDAY AT NOON. We are studying the book of Acts, the early Church, and the message that the early church proclaimed: calling people to faith and discipleship in Jesus. We will see how the early Church grew, and the boldness in their witness for Jesus. Plan to come! Plan to grow in Christ!

ON APRIL 30TH AT 7:00 PM we will begin a new study entitled “Just Walk Across the Room” a 4 part video series on ways to help us share our faith. Bill Hybels wrote, and is featured in the series. He has excellent ideas and ways to share our faith and invite people into a faith relationship with Jesus. Plan to come!

THERE WILL BE A CHURCH CLEAN-UP DAY ON SATURDAY, APRIL 26TH. The early-birds will start at 8:00 a.m., but come when you can. Bring rakes, cleaning materials, tree and shrub trimming equipment, window washing materials, etc. Come for a good time of fellowship and to help spruce the church and grounds up. Thanks!

CALLING ALL CARD SHARKS (OR MINNOWS)! Join us for euchre, or other cards, on Sunday, April 27, 6-8 pm in the NBLC basement. We welcome all levels of playing experience. Contact Mary Tollakson with questions

THE EVANGELISM COMMITTEE OF NBLC IS HOSTING A WALK FOR WATER FOR WATER MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL.  The walk is designed to be a fundraising event so that a water treatment and purification plant can be acquired for a village that does not have clean, pure water to drink. The water walk, titled GREAT RIVERS WALK FOR WATER 2014, will be held Saturday morning, June 7th, here at NBLC. Prayerfully consider how you might participate: team captain, walker, volunteer. There is something for everyone.  Water Missions International provides clean water for people who do not have it, and also WMI works through local churches where the water plants are placed to share the Good News of Jesus. This is a great opportunity for us. Let’s work together to bring glory to the Lord by helping others in need and sharing Jesus with them.

THE NORTH AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH CONVOCATION WILL BE JULY 24-25 IN CHARLESTON, SC. If you would like to be a delegate, please contact Pastor Oman. This is an important time of leading the NALC into the future, and it is a wonderful time of worship and fellowship!

ON TUESDAY, MAY 6TH, THERE WILL BE A SHOWING OF THE MOVIE “IRREPLACEABLE” AT THE SAVOY THEATER. The movie emphasizes the importance of marriage and family from an historic Christian prospective. Focus on the Family and the Manhattan Declaration are sponsoring the movie, both are solid Christian organizations.
If you would like to attend the movie as a group, please contact Pastor Oman so a block of tickets can be purchased.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE CARPET REPLACEMENT FUND!!! $6,325.00 has been donated. Samples will be brought next week and arrangements will be made to have the carpet installed.

GARAGE SALE ITEMS NEEDED: to raise funds for the Mission Trip. Please place donated items in the upstairs overflow room. Our sale will be May 9 & 10th.

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, April 20th was 169. General fund offering was $5,118.00. $100 for the general Building fund and $40 was designated to repairs, and $2,140.00 was designated to carpet replacement. $487 was donated to the Mission Trip.

Money is one of God’s gifts to people.

“Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions,
and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot
and be happy in his work — this is a gift of God” (Eccl. 5:19).

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