Prayers of the People — March 30, 2014

On this fourth Sunday of Lent, we bow before you in unity seeking your grace and direction. Today we begin our prayer with a moment of silence to center our thoughts and open our hearts to your presence.

Father, none of us is without sin. Yet too often, we act as if we are. Help us to not feel superior because we know You. Instead, with humility, grant that we would simply know that all are Your children and may be forgiven. You are gracious and merciful to all humanity. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord, you are the true ruler of all the universe. Grant earthly leaders of nations and churches, the vision to see your purpose and be willing to follow it. Give strength and fortitude to pastors and missionaries throughout the word to boldly proclaim your truths. And provide temperance and fortitude to the members of our armed forces. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer. .

prayinghands_6Father God, You have provided directions as to how New Beginnings is to grow and how each member is to live life. We praise You for Your blessings. Too often, we have excuses for why we do or do not do what we should. Forgive us and let us be thankful that You have called us to be Your disciples. We are mindful of the freedoms in this country to proclaim You by word and action. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

God of glory, you hold our lives in your hands. Put in our hearts a desire to do all we can for those who suffer losses, that we might be Your healing hands We ask your presence with those suffering in mind, body and soul. May those people within our congregation, on our prayers lists and in our silent prayers feel Your healing presence. May those facing challenges and their families find renewed strength, deep peace, and unshakeable hope. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

Grant those who face the death of their loved ones, the strength of body and spirit needed to walk alongside the dying. Give to those who mourn the passing of family or friends the grace to recall special memories of times they shared, and faith to commend their spirits to your loving care. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

As winter gives way to spring, may our farmers be blessed with abundant harvest, the warmth of the sun, and the needed rains to replenish the land of moisture. As we see the new life in the green of our fields, may it always serve to remind us of you, who alone are the author and perfecter of all life. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

May we go from this place today as Your faithful servants, trusting in You our Lord and Master, knowing that You will guide us in every circumstance this week and lead us in Your way of truth. And all in this pray your name.  Amen.

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