Announcements — August 25, 2013

baptismBelow are announcements distributed at the August 25th worship services.

WELCOME TO NEW BEGINNINGS LUTHERAN CHURCH: We are glad you are worshiping with us today. Restrooms are located on the left side of the hallway and a nursery for children under 5 is located on the right side of the hall. The center section of each Communion tray has two types of glasses. There are glasses with white grape juice, and also glasses with a lesser amount of wine. Please feel free to take which ever will best meet your needs.

PLEASE STAY FOR FELLOWSHIP: After worship you are invited to join us downstairs for refreshments and fellowship. An elevator is located at the end of the hall.

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP BOARD is located downstairs near the fellowship space after worship. Please sign up to help with our worship and fellowship.

BAPTIZED TODAY IS CADENCE GRACE OMAN, daughter of Andrew and Emily Oman. We rejoice with Cadence, her family and their friends, in the gift of eternal life which she is being given through Jesus. May the Lord bless her now and always as she grows in faith, hope, and love.

THIS EVENING IS THE LAST SCHEDULED SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP SERVICE. We hope this opportunity has been a blessing to those who attended the Sunday evening services.

AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL is planned for Sunday, September 29th at 3pm. Please save the date to join us & invite your friends & neighbors. If you have any suggestions for this or would like to help, please contact Laura Magyar at 649-7170.

EMPTY PAPER TOWEL TUBES OR WRAPPING PAPER ROLLS are needed for a Sunday School craft. Please place them in the basket in the narthex.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th AT 7:00 AM in Room 327 of Mumford Hall (south of Morrow Plots) is a planning meeting for a NALC bible study held at the University of Illinois. Please consider attending if you work on or near campus.

QUILTS FOR COLLEGE FRESHMEN. Thanks to our quilters for making quilts to give to our college freshmen as a reminder of God’s love from their church family. Please stop by the Adult Sunday School room and write a note of encouragement to our college freshmen.

WE ARE PREPARING A CHURCH DIRECTORY! A copy of the directory is posted on the bulletin board in the Education Hallway. Please check your information and make corrections or initial it if correct.

AN EARLY MORNING BIBLE STUDY IS BEING CONSIDERED. The time would be 6:30-7:30, so that people have time to get to work. The plan is to study the Scripture readings for the up-coming Sunday. If you are interested please let Pastor Oman know.

THE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PROGRAM IS GETTING INTO FULL SWING IN SEPTEMBER. We will start Sunday September 8th with Sunday School, called “Discipleship Training”, for all ages. Then on Wednesday September 11th we will begin the Wednesday program with a light supper at 5:45, then classes at 6:30. There will be classes for children and youth, including Confirmation classes, and the adults will have a study on prayer entitled The Four Acts of Prayer, with video segments by Pr. Walt Wangren. Plan to attend the Christian education activities.

THE MONDAY BIBLE STUDY MEETS AT 12:30 PM. We will continue the study entitled 7 Facets of the Christian Life. It is a study designed to help us grow in our discipleship. Topics will include: worship, devotions, Christian education, stewardship, service, outreach, and fellowship. Plan to come, participate, and grow in faith.

TUESDAY EVENINGS AT 6:30 WE HAVE A TIME OF PRAYER IN THE SANCTUARY. There is a group that meets regularly for prayer. We invite all in the congregation to join us at that time to share in this wonderful gift of God’s grace. If you cannot join us in the sanctuary, we invite you to pause where ever you are and take time in prayer. What a joyous experience it is that all of us can be bound together at 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday, either in the sanctuary, or where ever we might be, in prayer to God.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO READ THE SUNDAY SCRIPTURES BEFORE COMING TO WORSHIP? Go to our website and sign up to follow us on the right side of the home page. Then the scriptures will be emailed to you each week. You can get to our website by scanning the QR code below or typing

ATTENDANCE for Sunday, August 18th 10:00 am service was 81, and 11 at the 6:30 pm service. General fund offering was $3,159.00 and the Building fund was $140.00.

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