Announcements — Sept 16, 2012

WELCOME TO WORSHIP: We are glad you are here this evening.  Pastor Jay Johnson is leading worship this evening.

OFFERING:   Checks may be written to New Beginnings Lutheran Church. We also have a building fund account, so if you would like to donate money toward the purchase or renovations of the building please make checks payable to New Beginnings Lutheran Church Building Fund. Envelopes are available from the ushers if you wish to donate cash.

ATTENDANCE Sunday, September 9th was 89 and general fund offering was $1,658.00. Building Fund offering was

FALL WORSHIP TIME is 6:00 pm. Remind your friends!

JOIN US FOR SMALL GROUPS WEDNESDAYS AT 6:00 PM AT THE SPORTSMENS CLUB: Kindergartners through adults are invited to participate in small groups. We will begin with dinner at 6:00 pm followed by small groups. Adults will study “We Still Believe”, a seven session Bible study on the Lutheran themes in the Common Confession.

SMALL GROUP MONDAYS AT 12:30: If you cannot make Wednesday night small groups, a group is meeting at 12:30 on Mondays at Laura Magyar’s home, 212 Barbara Dr. We will also study “We Still Believe”,

WE NOW OWN A BUILDING! Closing on our building was completed Friday afternoon. Thank you to Doug Bosworth, Andy Busch, and Ken Roth for all their work. Please pray for God’s guidance on your involvement in the next steps and expect to be contacted for help.

CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! Our website is under construction, If you would like to be involved in its development and maintenance, please contact Gary Schnitkey, 898-3762 or

DO YOU HAVE OFFICE EXPERIENCE? We are ready to start equipping our office and need input on equipment and software. If you are willing to research and share information on copier leases, telephone and internet, computers and software, please contact Bobbie Schnitkey, 898-0358 or

PRAYER WARRIORS NEEDED! Join us at our church building on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm to cover our new building in prayer and pray for our congregation and the people that God will lead to us. For additional information, call Sally Roth 621-1368.

THE DE-PROGRAMMING DISCIPLESHIP CONFERENCE was attended by 5 members of our leadership team this weekend. We were very blessed by pastors from our Mission District and Dr. Gemechis Bubba who shared their visions for discipleship. One of the things we came away with that will enrich our faith walk was the 6 Marks of Discipleship:

Pray daily;

Worship weekly;

Read the Bible;

Serve at and beyond your local congregation;

Be in relationship to encourage spiritual growth in others; and

Give of your time, talent and treasure.

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